The Power of Forced Reflection

Happy Friday! And if you live in the Raleigh (like me!) then I wish you yet another happy snow day. While some prefer sledding or shoveling off side walks and such, I prefer to use my snow days as a much needed reflection. In a society where everything is so go-go-go, it is nice to be able to stay in your house with absolutely nowhere to be. In today’s post I am going to be taking you step by step to understand what I have been doing, how I’ve been doing it, and how you can too!


Look back at all the things last year that made you feel successful and all of the times that made you feel like a complete failure. Write down a few of these and dive deeper into them. Try try to uncover the reason why your successes made you feel proud and your failures weren’t so wonderful.  Understanding your high and low points will allow you to have a better year. Which takes us to the next step.


I am just going to preface this by saying, I am a BIG dreamer. Often times, I have really really great ideas but that’s what they’ll stay, ideas. I have a lot of trouble getting things out of the thinking stage and into the action/getting-it-done stage. So when making goals, you and I both need to keep it in a obtainable box. For example, instead of saying “I want to get fit in 2018” rather say I want to workout one more time a week than I am now. This example was actually me 🙂 and considering I was working out ZERO times a week… I thought this was easily do-able. Now so far I have been working out around 2-3 times a week (workout post coming soon) which means I am not only hitting my goal but I am also going above and beyond it. My mantra, if you would even call it that, is: Set lower expectations and you’ll never be disappointed, always satisfied, and sometimes even surprised. I personally believe that people get disappointed when their expectations are too high. And life is too short to be disappointed.


Snow days are also a great time to catch up. For me personally I’ve been working on some long over-due school work. Ew. I won’t bore you with any more details!


Now that you are all caught up, thank goodness! You can look forward to the somewhat immediate future. You have made your big goals, now it’s time to GTD (get things done). Pop out your planner and get planning. Write in all the steps required to successfully meet the goals you’ve made. To continue the previous example, I schedule a type of workout one time a week so lets say “Leg day @ 5pm on Wednesday” or “Arms and Abs @ 7pm of Tuesday” and so on and so forth.


With all this extra and more efficiently used time off, you can get ahead. You could start some tasks that haven’t gotten to the “yellow or red zone” on the procrastination scale or anything else you choose to do. This step is pretty self explanatory. Just get done the things that don’t need to be done yet or you can never find time to do, like meal planning or organizing your drawers.

I hope you are already having a more productive snow day. Stay warm, drive safe, and GTD!

Love from Ralz,

Ashley Caroline