5 Ways to tackle your to-do list



Have you ever just been in a slump where you feel like actually aren’t doing anything productive? The clock rolls through an entire evening before you realize it’s 11:48 pm and you have to be up for a 7am Pilates class or worse… school. That’s like me everyday minus the Pilates, but that’s beside the point. Getting stuff done can be daunting and difficult especially if you don’t have a game plan. As someone who actually is the w.o.a.t. (worst of all time) when it comes to completing tasks in a timely fashion, I have accumulated a few tricks that help me put it into high gear and crank out what needs to be done.


Timeblocking is essentially organizing your day/to-do list in a series of time slots. I use this method kind of as a mini deadline to accomplish mini task towards the final goal. Another great way to use this tactic is on never-ending tasks like returning emails, etc. There is also a really cool timer from Amazon that I know a lot of people use for time blocking.


More than likely when you make a coffee date or have a conference call you don’t miss it. That’s because you schedule it in your calendar, brain, or whatever you use to remember when and where you need to be. Getting stuff done  should be treated the same way. Make a date with yourself and actually stick to it.


You can never expect to actually complete a task if you aren’t ready. How are possible going to return those Lulu shorts that are way too small without the receipt. Or doing a school project without the poster board. Before you start working towards whatever you need to get done make sure you are prepped and ready to go.


I find that I’m the most unproductive when my phone is ringing off the hook. You know what I’m talking about when there is more notifications buzzing than should be allowed. My favorite way to turn off the distractions is “do not disturb” mode on iPhones. If you aren’t tech savvy, basically if silences all texts, snapchats, and calls. Y’all this is a game changer! If you get anxiety when you can hear your phone vibrating than I guess flipping it screen-down will have to suffice.


I am so bad at this, but hey! It’s all about improvement right? Studies show you do a lot better with things when you create a habit. The same goes for sleep, studying and working out. You can fall asleep better when you are only sleeping in your bed. You can study much better and retain more information when you are at a desk or table or place specifically for studying. Basically this trains your brain like “Hey. You are in your bed time to get bed now!!” It’s almost like you are compelled to complete tasks when you’re in that place because your body knows when your in the place or in you bed it’s time to work or sleep. (I hope that made sense.)


I wouldn’t say I have anxiety or anything but some times I can be stressed when I haven’t defined all the things on my mind (i.e. writing them down). A lot of times I am so worried about forgetting them that I induce so much stress and when I finally get down to it I have a  to-do list. This is what I call a brain-dump: I sit down at my desk, take out a pen and paper and literally write down everythinggg. Whether it’s a top I want that’s on sale or remembering to text a friend for their birthday or paying a bill and today is the day before it’s due, I put everything on paper during a brain-dump sesh. From there I kinda organize the items into a to-do list. I mark the things that are urgent or having an approaching due date and from there I intentionally make a plan of the things I want to get done keeping in mind the time I have to complete those certain things.

Well I hope I have helped, inspired, or encouraged you to knock out your to-do list. If you have any more suggestions, I want to hear! Sending lots of positive and very productive vibes your way.

Love from Ralz,

Ashley Caroline