How to: Find the Perfect White Jeans


There is something about white denim/pants/shorts that can’t be beat. However, white jean shopping can become frustrating, overwhelming, but also can be very rewarding (like when you find the PERFECT PAIR!).  There a few things to look at when buying white jeans: size, length, and style. Let me take you through the steps in detail in hopes of you finding your perfect pair.

1. Size

Most jeans, or at least the brands I wear, are sold in sizes that differ from the average 2,4,6… dress sizing. Denim, at large, is sold on a 24,25,26,27… scale. That is mainly because they can give you a better fit if the brands make more specific sizing! The reason why the sizes are in the 20s actually isn’t rocket science. Your jean size is the measurement around your waist which is super simple and can be done at home! As for me, I wear about a 27 in jeans and a 26 in jean shorts. But that size can differ +/- depending on the jean brand. If I just found the jean size that corresponded with my dress size through the “Sizing Guide” that almost every website has, it would be too small, that’s why I encourage measuring yourself and trying on about 2-3 different sizes in multiple brands.

2. Length

Length is another thing to factor in when buying jeans. If you are 5’3″ I wouldn’t recommend buying Hudson jeans because they run very long and you will end up cuffing them three times. Most jean brands make cropped jeans which is a style that is basically the perfect length for the girls on the shorter end of the height spectrum. As for the taller girls these cropped jeans tend to look like capri pants (which isn’t exactly the look I’m going for). Another trick you can do at home is measuring your inseam. For those of you who are not well versed in clothing, an inseam is basically the measurement of how long your legs are, which can be found by measuring from your crotch to your ankle. When buying jeans, companies also specify the inseam of the certain pant you are looking at, which can be a helpful hint when buying jeans online. (There is a lot of science behind finding the best fitting pair! Haha.)

3. Style

Once you’ve gotten through all the sizing and length stuff, you finally get to experiment with my favorite part, style! Nowadays, there are so many jean styles it’s almost impossible to have one of each or to like every style. Style comes down to a few things, cut, material, and distressing.


A lot could be said about style but I will try to keep it short. Bootleg/Flare – gives off a very bohemian vibe, Skinny – versatile and perfect for a more youthful look, Straight Leg – appropriate for work, but not my favorite look on me, and Boyfriend – the name is kinda self-explanatory but imagine putting on jeans that fit your waist but the pant legs are 2-3 sizes to large.


The thicker the material the less see-through and form-fitting a jean can be. Preferably, I like something with a little spandex so that it stays in place and hugs all of my leg muscles and curves. 😉


For me this is most difficult thing when I’m trying to buy jeans. Nowadays, they make so many styles of distressed jeans there are a lot of style to chose from. One thing to note is that every style of distressed jeans is different and it takes a lot of searching to see what you like. Some people like rips that show chunks of skin other people like jeans that have a hole so open the fabric is fold over… well you get the gist. It is probably easier if I just link some examples.

 Happy Searching!

Love from Ralz, Ashley Caroline