High School Advice with La Bella Vita

Hello ppl! In today’s post I am collaborating with my sweet blogger friend Bella! She runs the blog, La Bella Vita. As I am finishing my junior year of high school and Bella just finished her final year of college at Georgetown University. We decided what a perfect time to reflect and share some advice. Below I have some crucial advice regarding high school and if you hop over to Bella’s blog she is talking all about college.

Bella’s post is linked at the end! Enjoy.

1.    Authenticity

In high school, people care less and less about other people as time goes on. By senior year, hopefully, you have found your group of friends and feel like you have a place. Freshman have a tendency to try to fit into this mold that is a high-schooler and often times when this happens they tend to loose their authenticity/themselves even. The best I can give anyone in high school is you don’t have to be like everyone else. In fact people will like you more if you aren’t a carbon copy of things. I totally respect people who wear what they want and do things that they enjoy doing. I’m definitely not recommending you try to oppose all normalcy however, quirks and differences are the things that make you interesting and you.

To sum it all up: Be who you are and don’t let any make you feel that your not good enough because you are yourself.

2. The Status Quo

Allow me to be blunt: DRINKING IN HIGH SCHOOL IS ILLEGAL. Parties are fun but at the end of the day, even though everyone is there and doing it, drinking at that party is still breaking the law. Just because everyone else is doing it does not mean it is right. Nobody really cares if you go to the party, two weeks from now, no one will remember who even was there. High school can be fun with out doing stupid things. I promise you most people after high school regret going to parties and if they don’t yet then they will. I take such hard stance on this because there have been so many teens in Raleigh have died from drunk driving accidents and overdoses. It is so sad because we all have so much potential and such a bright future ahead of us.

To sum it up: Make good choices.

3.       Slacking off Freshman Year

Oh goodness, I am giving you this advice so that you can actually make it to college. Colleges are getting harder and harder to get into and the years leading up to college are fast approaching even during freshman year. You may think you have 4 years to get your act together but I promise you don’t. Admission counselors can be unforgiving when it comes to a C in math freshman year, might I add that brings down your entire GPA. Also you never know what awful things the next few years may bring. Your grandmother might pass away right before exams one year, if you have the cushion of strong freshman year grades then the low exam scores won’t be too detrimental.


4.       Trying New Things

This is my favorite part about school. No one knows who you are when you start minus a few people. You can try or do whatever you want. For example, I tried out the swim team this year and it was a super fun experience. If you have always wanted to be in drama, take drama. There are so many opportunities, say yes every once in awhile.

To sum it up: Take the opportunities that present themselves.

5.       Boys

I was reluctant to talk about this topic, but I like to be honest and so few people are about this topic. In high school boys are dumb and 90+% of the time have bad intentions (really really bad intentions). The best advice I can give is to think. Don’t let the presence of boys effect your common sense or intelligence. Boys are cute, sweet, hot even, and I totally get it. Just don’t chase ’em and don’t let them convince you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. Don’t be easy. Boys have more respect for the girls who they can’t with than the girls that they can. If you have absolutely no clue what I’m talking about then just wait a year or so.

To sum it up: Boys kinda suck.

Thanks for reading. Bella’s post entitled, The Grad Series: Advice from a College Senior, can be found here. Have a happy HUMP day!

Love from Ralz,

Ashley Caroline