How to Get Designer Looks for Less

If you are anything like me you want to look like a million bucks with out actually spending a million bucks. If saving “a dolla makes you holla” then you have stumbled along the right post. If you don’t know what I’m talking about see below.

I online shop a lot (like a lot, a lot). I often times find dupes in very random places. I thought I would share them so we can both save a dollar or $200. I have found so many that I’ve decided to break these up into a few separate post so you aren’t scrolling into next week. Today’s installment will cover…




Gucci Princetonn Loafer ($780) | Dupes ($69.99)

I am actually obessed with gucci loafers (every style and color) and when I found this dupe I texted all of my friends sending them the link. I also found the dupe in a plain non-embriored style as well! Also the jeans in the above picture are made by Frame (currently 30% off!).

Hermes Oran slides and distressed denim


Hermes Oran Slides ($680+) | Dupes ($25)

I know I already mentioned these Hermes dupes in last week’s “Friday Frills” post but when I found those it inspired me to make an all-inclusive list. Also, for those wondering, those jeans worn in the picture can be found here.

Valentino Rockstud Ankle Strap Pumps


Valentino Rockstud Pump ($995) | Dupes ($114)

I found dupes that were cheaper than these for $114 but they didn’t look as high quality nor as similar. These shoes are perfect for any special occasions, drinks with the girls, or even church depending on the color you like. The Valentino dupes I linked come in 10+ color combinations! I love options.



Schutz Enida Heels ($170) | Steve Madden Dupes ($89) OR Target Dupes ($30)

These are such a classic and wearable style. I have these Steve Madden dupes in black and they are my go-tos. The classic Schutz heels come in multiple colors. As does the Steve Madden dupes. I especially like the dupes in this color, this blue-grey, and this print!



Chloe Wedge ($625 – on sale right now for $437) | Marc Fisher Dupes ($160) OR Steve Madden Dupes ($60)

When the original Chloe wedges came out around 2 years ago I was dying to have them… but as a sophomore in high school (and even now) I could have never even dream of spending over $200 on a pair of (very very cute) shoes. Circulating the scene this past fall, I found a shoe with the same style that was less than half the price of the Chloe wedges: Marc Fisher Adalyn Wedges. Just recently I found another dupe made by Steve Madden that are currently on sale in 4 different colors.



Manolo Blahnik Pumps ($965) | Dupes ($45)

If you’ve ever seen Gossip Girl you know that these are Blair’s go-to pumps. Normally people will splurge and buy them for their wedding day but I say why wait?! These dupes come in black, blue, bright pink, and yellow. I personally like the blue and black!

Have you seen any dupes recently that I’ve missed? Please share them with me!! Have a great labor day weekend!!

Love from Ralz,

Ashley Caroline