Friday Frills No.2

Now that we all have fully experienced the breaking of new year resolutions I thought it was prime time for a Friday Frills. For those of you who are new. Friday Frills is just a bunch of random things that I like, have been happening in my life, etc. It’s a post that is super all over the place and let’s my ADD come out to play. Now that you are in full understanding of what this post is all about let’s get on into it.

Thousand Dollar Boxing Gloves that are absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible… on sale for $700 lol  

This quote from Mr. Big

my new obsession with lip prints (i.e. my phone case)


some star sneakers (because is it really ASH CARO without some stars) ~~ warning website in Spanish..

Hermes Blankets (that scream class and I can’t afford!)

These Sneakers that give me some low-key military vibes

This Interior Design that does the cutest dorm rooms ever…. but costs $$$

Snap Map Misunderstandings

(Quick explanation for people over the age of 30… Snap Map is basically like a map on the app Snapchat where you can see where your friends are if you let them. Long story, short it’s just a tracking device that’s trendy, more consensual and A LOT LESS CREEPY.) Lol, so a week or so ago people from my school thought a friend and I were on a date because we were both at North Hills. We were in the same location on the snap map which caught people a little off guard. I’m not exactly sure where he was but I was at Cowfish swooning over some SUSHI! It just made me giggle.

Coffee Shops are expensive~

Can we just talk about this for a second. Why do we all drink the cool aid and buy a $3-$6 cup of coffee that is too hot to drink and gets too cold. I mean the ambiance is nice but so is a bank account that isn’t empty! K. I’m done ranting now.

A snakeskin laptop case I neeedddd


Nalgene Straw (because I have spilt water on my self WAY too many times this week)

Star Jeans (there are so many but these are on sale-ish)

GUCCI SOHO DISCO or whatever it’s called (I love black AND RED!)

Thanks for reading about all of my recent musings and randomness!

Love from Ralz,

Ashley Caroline