Friday Frills No.1

Hi Loves!

I am so excited to kick off a new series today! I have been brainstorming about sharing this series, a end-of-week reflection, for a few months, and I am so excited to start it off with the new month!

At least once a month, I will be sharing a “Friday Frills” post, sharing what I have been up to lately and what’s inspiring me, as well as the best sales to shop, good reads from around the web, and much, much more. These Friday posts will also give me a chance to share with y’all a bunch of random stuff that doesn’t quite deserve a full post. I think and hope this will be a great way to start off the weekend on the blog and get a little more personal and share more with you!

So without further adieu, let’s get into the frills!

(Major thx to google for helping me spell adieu correctly!)

Hermes Oran Slide Dupes

Normally I am not one for dupes because I don’t like the idea of “stealing” someone else’s design… however the more and more I realize just how champagne taste my beer budget is, dupes are looking more and more appealing. I have always loved the effortlessly chic look these Hermes Oran Slides give off.  However, I have not liked the $650+ pricetag that comes with… but never fear! I have a solution. These tan Hermes dupes (which is the actual brown color of the real ones) are under $50 and also come in black, navy, red, and white. I think I’m gonna order them in red and fool all of my friends!

ASH CARO Shoppable Boutique

I know, I know. Shopping can sometimes be a little daunting at the beginning of a new season. You need fall clothes. (Or maybe just want, but I still consider that a need. Haha!) To make shopping a breeze and majorly enjoyable, I have created a few shoppable boutiques for the upcomign season consisting of items I’m eyeing. I have made one for tops & dresses and bottoms so far. You can click the link in the previous sentence OR you can hover over “SHOP” at the top of the page and click the boutique of your choice from the drop-down-menu. Super user friendly! You can thank me later. 🙂

Books on My Reading List

I’m not exactly what you’d call an avid reader, but there have been a few books that have been on my “To-Read” List lately. Well, it’s actually a coffeee table book called The Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style. I saw this while in Anthropologie in Asheville, NC. If I can find the picture I took of it I’ll insert it below.

A recipe I need to try!

If you know me at all you would know that I love parmesan cheese (honestly all cheeses tbh) and I also love squash and zucchini. When I saw this recipe I about fell out of my chair because I would never think combine these two foods. These parmesan-ranch oven-baked zucchini coins look so delicious!! I saw them on Pinterest the other day and basically my mouth started watering only until I realized we didn’t have zucchini in our fridge. I looked over the recipe and there is only 4 ingridients which mean these are simple and non-gifted cooks, like my mom and I, can succed. (Update: Just went to grocery and bought zucchini. More updates to come!)

Lululemon brought back my favorite leggings ever!!!

Way back during my freshman year of high school, I saw these leggings on of my friend. When I had finally gotten around to getting them in store, they no longer stocked them. Major bummer!!! (Pleaze tell me I’m not the only person this happens too. I feel like everything I want to buy I’m always late to the party and it’s sold out. ~ Oh well.) And to my suprise they brought them back about a month ago. (Only 4 years later…) Mine are already on their way! 😉 They are a little scadalous but still wearable and overall super chic. I can’t wait to style them very soon.

A Bed from Anthropologie

Y’all… I can not tell you how much I love this bed. It is so modern and such a neat piece of furniture. It’s gold and lucite which is a combo I adore. I feel like I have never seen anything like it and by the price tag it’s probably one-of-a-kind which explains why. Brb while I start a Go Fund Me so I can maybe afford this bed by the time I graduate college.

Map of Your City

Recently I was sent a map of my hometown of Raleigh, NC.  I personally got a black and white one. If comes in basically every city all over the world in a few color combos. Who knows? Maybe it will go in my dorm next year! Be sure to check out all of the locations done in this style on the Modern Map Art site

If you have any frills you’d like to share be sure to leave it in the comments below. Anyways! I hope y’all have a fab weekend and have enjoyed the first installment of “Friday Frills”!

Love from Ralz,

Ashley Caroline