Guess who wants to know more about me? (You apparently.)

Well, I hate to disappoint but, my life isn’t as interesting as we all hoped.  I am a junior in high school at a college preparatory school. I play tennis on the side. And despite my overly energetic self, I religiously attend yoga classes to de-stress from daily life. I’m the only 17 year old, I know who can tell you the benefits of replacing dairy with dairy-free products. Happy to report, I am not a vegan.

ASH CARO was born in February 2017 when my love for lifestyle content was basically consuming my life. When the idea first hit me I researched for weeks on everything blogging. And now we are here. This isn’t going to be perfect but like everything with me, it will be entertaining, informational, and a whole lotta fun!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Love from Ralz, Ashley Caroline

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