5 iPhone Apps You Need to Install

As an a teenager and avid iPhone user, I am always on my phone.  One of my friends asked me the other day what my favorite apps were. In an attempt to answer her question I am writing this post and hopefully it introduce you to some apps you’ve never heard of before or that will make your life just a little simpler.



Nowadays, everyone is so focused on their Instagram theme and the cohesiveness of their profile. UNUM is an app that allows you to plan out your feed. By uploading photos you want to post, UNUM organizes them into a grid (just like an Instagram profile) which is super helpful so then you can see if the filters compliment each other or look uniform. From there you can move the photos around (i.e. if you don’t want two beach pictures on top of each other, and so on and so forth.)  (If you didn’t understand I word I just said it’s probably means you aren’t a millennial.)



If you are a health kick like me or just want to know more about what you put in your body, you need this app. Basically the app tracks all things nutrition. You record your meals which in turn lets you know your calorie, sugar, and carb intake for the day. Also, if you often forget to drink water it has a place to record your progress so that you’re drinking the proper amount of water throughout the day. Super helpful!



This is the artsy side/ other side of instagrammers’ “perfect” life. It’s a community where you can see profiles and follow/repost but you can’t comment or directly message users. Often times people VSCO’s are more real. Most of it is created by normal people who have a slight talent for photography without knowing it (similar to Tumblr but with a lot less photogrpahers). It’s also a really great app for editing photos. VSCO makes having an Instagram theme easy with all of the preset filters. (My fav filters are A6 and HB2!)


So if you like working out …or yoga! This is definitely going to be your favorite app in the whole post. Mindbody is an app that allows you to book and pay for varying workout classes, yoga classes, etc all through the click of a button. Sitting in bed and want to reserve a spot in yoga tomorrow? You can (if it isn’t previously filled up)! It’s the easiest, most convient way to plan your workout class schedule all from your phone.



I’m not sure if it’s just all the intellectuals or creative people out there but Tumblr has the most insightful, beautiful, interesting things. I really can’t describe it because Tumblr is different for every user, but I definetely suggest you check it out! My tumblr is ash-caro.tumblr.com



Reminders is the most underated app. It’s literally a to-do list that makes your phone remind you when you need to complete certain tasks. I started using this a while back and it’s a total game changer. Also it is so satisfying watching a completed task disappear. (i.e. where the green dot is)



The last app that I’m also ways clicking on is Podcasts. There are so many I have loved listening to recently. And if you didn’t know my podcast, The Chatterbox Diaries, is on there to. You can subscribe to it here!!

I hope you are have a great week and an awesome Monday! If you have any apps you are loving, you can put them in the comments and I will check ’em out!

Love from Ralz,

Ashley Caroline