5 Second Date Worthy Valentine’s Day Looks Ft. Sheila Fajl

Hi gal pals! I hope everyone is enjoying the frigid winter we are currently experiencing (still angry with that darn groundhog…!!!). First off, excuse my hiatus but the blog will be back to normal scheduling in a few more days/weeks/or however long it takes as I’m currently trying to finish some very pertinent-to-my-gpa responsibilities!! As Valentine Day is quickly approaching I keep dreaming about all things RED, LIPS AND LOVE (of course). I am sitting out this Valentine’s Day because I have some Dynasty to catch up on! (Please comment if you love that show as much as I do!)

I’m going to be real with all of you. Valentine’s Day is already pretty nerve-wracking as it and people expect you to look presentable and make a good first impression especially if it’s a first date (which unfortunately a good percentage of V-Day dates are… eek!). The last thing you need to be thinking about is trying to find the PERFECT date night number. Wouldn’t you agree? Well fortunately for all of you, I took it upon myself to pick out some totally second-date-worthy ensembles accompanied by our favorite Sheila Fajl! I’m so kind. Aren’t I? You can thank me later.

Look #1

Tularosa ~ Maida Ruffle Dress

Sheila Fajl ~ Mini Ingrid Earrings


Look #2

Lovers + Friends x REVOLVE ~Flynn Mini

Sheila Fajl ~ Niky Hoops


Look #3

Tularosa ~ Marina Dress

Sheila Fajl ~ Anna Earrings


Look #4

Likely ~Manhattan Dress

Sheila Fajl~ Small Amber Hoops and Filipa Hoops


Look #5

Bardot ~ Sherbert Bomb Midi Dress

Sheila Fajl ~ V on V Earrings and Large Shawn Earrings


As always, using this link, anything you purchase on Sheila Fajl’s website will be 10% OFF!


XoXO Love from Ralz,

Ashley Caroline